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Your Makeup Look

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Choosing your makeup look for your special event can be overwhelming (especially on Pinterest), but I am here to help you find a gorgeous look and still feel like yourself.

There are a few things to know and think about when you are searching for your perfect look. Gathering inspiration, knowing your features, considering the event, and having fun are all key factors in choosing your look!


The first step in choosing a makeup look is knowing your event. Below are a few questions to ask yourself for the event you are attending.

What time of day is the event?

Typically, a good rule of thumb is the earlier in the day the lighter the makeup and the later in the day the deeper the makeup. You want to think of how natural lighting will alter the look of your makeup. In the evening as the sun goes down lighter makeup may not translate as well onto camera.

What is the event for?

Is it family portraits? A wedding? A girls night out? This is definitely a key factor in choosing your makeup look. For an event like family portraits, most people want to look like themselves, but maybe with a few beauty enhancements! Whereas a girls night out is definitely a time to be bold and play with looks that maybe you wouldn't wear on a regular day!

What is the weather like?

This question may not help with which look to choose, but it will be a deciding factor in the products you use. No matter where your event is, weather will always play a role in your makeup routine. Skin is typically dryer in the cold months and oilier in the warm months. Lucky for us there are hundreds of products to help combat harsh weather. In the summer or warmer areas try a tinted moisturizer for a fresh look or maybe use products with mattifying properties if you suffer from extra oily skin. In cold and dry places make sure to use products that moisturize your skin.

Knowing all of this information will help you determine what look is right for you and your event! Remember, your confidence is what matters the most!


The next most important piece in choosing your look is knowing the basic categories of makeup styles!

Clean/ Natural Beauty

Think skin care ad or fresh face makeup. Makeup that is there, but it's minimal and almost invisible! All natural tones and beautifully simple.

Enhanced Beauty

Here we are starting to add "unnatural tones" to the face, but still keeping everything simple. Now, it's slightly more obvious the makeup really is there. The shadows get slightly more intense, the lip color gets brighter or more unique, and the bronzer and blush are more visible.

Soft Glam

Fun with liner and bolder lashes! Maybe a flirty wing or a shimmery shadow! Soft glam can still be somewhat simple, but the fun elements like lashes or winged liner give it an elevated look. As long as the waterline is free of dark color we stay in the soft glam category.


Bold, deep, and sultry! The picture below is definitely dramatic, but you could go even deeper with the lower lash line and water line for a truly bold look. If you are wanting to make a statement this is the category for you!


Once you find a makeup style that fits your personality and your event, it's time to take a moment an recognize your own beautiful features. This will help you in your search for a makeup look that fits within your makeup style. Stand in front of a mirror and take note of your unique face! For instance, I have a round face with full cheeks. I have brown eyes that are slightly hooded, dark hair, and fuller lips. All of these things make my face unique and beautiful. Remember, we are not being critical we are recognizing all of the things that make us different and truly us!

Since I have less eyelid space and fuller lips, I choose to accentuate my lips with a gloss or a fun bold lip! I love color, but I also love a fresh face!

Knowing your own features will help you when you start looking for inspiration online or in magazines! Find models with features similar to your own ( skin tone, hair, eye shape, etc ). This will give you a more realistic idea of what your makeup can look like!


Having makeup inspiration is essential. Take the time to flip through magazines or search for different looks via Google or Pinterest. I love this portion of finding a makeup look because there are so many beautiful looks to choose from! Use key words from your own makeup style to help you in your search ( clean, soft, bronzed, bold, dramatic ) and don't forget to search for looks that fit your features!

"soft makeup for almond eyes"

"bold makeup for fair skin"

"dramatic eyeliner for hooded eyes"

(Photo from Pinterest board)

The internet is there for you to use so take advantage of it! Take screenshots or create "boards" for all of your favorite looks. Make sure you take note of the parts of the makeup that you do like and you don't. Maybe you like the eyes, but the rest of the face makeup is too heavy for you. Perhaps you love everything about the makeup except the lip color. These critiques will allow you or your makeup artist to have a better understanding of what gives you confidence!

Makeup is meant to be fun and exciting, not intimidating and scary and I hope with all of these tips you will feel confident the next time you have a special event! Makeup is just another expression of who you are and your inner beauty. Take advantage of all the inspiration out there and find your perfect makeup style! :)

Best of luck,


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